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At Our Lady of the Angels we have a wide range of parishioners and are a diverse multicultural family with parishioners from Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

When Britain opened its doors for nurses from outside Europe, as part of the UK wide migration, a lot of nurses from Kerala, South India, migrated to the UK, with their families.   The first group of nurses came to Nuneaton in 2002.  Kerala is famous for it's highly educated workforce which is spread across the world.  It also has the largest number of people who practise Christianity.  From 2002 onwards Kerala Catholics became an inevitable part of the activities of Our Lady of the Angels Church, Nuneaton.  Mass in Malayalam (the regional language in the state) started in the church in 2006.  Catechism classes were conducted for Year 1 up to Year 10 until December 2018.  There are around 60 Catholic families and around 100 children from Kerala in Nuneaton as of April 2019.  Many of the children serve on the altar and a few children have completed 10 years of serving and moved to University.  Some adult members from this community are involved in the Eucharist ministry and some have been part of the Governing body of Our Lady of the Angels School (before the schools transformation as an Academy).

The Kerala community is a strong pillar to our church and they actively participate in all our activities.  Most of the children from Kerala families in Nuneaton undergo education from the Catholic schools and they highly appreciate the quality of education offered by our schools.  Kerala Catholic community has got three family units (St. Mary's, Sacred Heart and Chavara) through which they organise prayer meetings and pilgrimage trips to holy places.  At the moment their is no Malayalam Mass at the church for the Kerala Catholic community.  By the strong presence and commitment to the church, Catholics from Kerala are an inevitable part of our parish.

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