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The Our Lady of the Angels St Vincent de Paul [SVP] Conference belongs to a National and International network in the Society.  It is a Lay Charity organisation within the Catholic Church set up by a Student at the Sorbonne University in Paris in 1833.  Its objective was to meet the challenges faced by poor people during the French Revolution.  Since then it has grown worldwide and is represented in all country's with a Catholic population.  

      Its Mission is to help any person who is in need regardless of colour class or creed or diversity. We are particularly sensitive to ensure the confidentiality of our Friends we support and the Data Protection that this involves.    We have had an SVP in Our Lady of the Angels for the past 40years.  All our Members have to have a DBS safeguarding certificate in order to safeguard the people old and young that we support. As do also our Auxilliary Members who visit the sick and housebound or in Hospital.  We are not exclusive and any person is welcome to join who is a Christian from any age.  There are other types of SVP Members in the Organisation from Minni Vinnies in Schools and  Students in Universities.   

      We make an appeal for support in our Parish of Our Lady of the Angels every year and to date, we have been very generously supported by our Parishioners.  This has enabled us to provide for a number of Families in some need at Christmastime, leaving us with monies to meet needs in the forthcoming year. Previously we have had Soup and Pudding Lunches for our Senior Citizens which has been generously supported by our Parishioners donating Soup and Pudding to the Lunch which were very enjoyable.   Our Members are also involved in several other groups and responsibilities within the Parish. 

     Age is seemingly the only "Exit Clause" available to us as Members, therefore, we are always searching for New Members.  All are welcome.  To contact the SVP 07749 257098.

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The St Dymphna's Befriending Group was set up in 2011.  Our initial aim was to offer friendship to those in the Parish with mental health issues or their carers.  Since then we have evolved and widened our scope to support anyone experiencing stress, for whatever reasons or those who simply need some company to combat loneliness.  If you feel that we can help you, or would like to volunteer with us, as a befriender, please get in touch by emailing using the link below or leaving a message on our dedicated phone number 07543 878574.

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