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Mass will be celebrated publically for the first time this Wednesday 8th July at 9.30am. Masses will thereafter be celebrated at the times they occurred previous to the lockdown.

When you come to Church:
Please maintain social distancing (2m) at all times.
Please do not 'congregate' with others and cause blockages in the flow of movement and distancing in Church. This is very important.
Please listen to instructions from the stewards.
Please wear a mask (optional)
Please use sanitiser (provided) on entering and leaving Church.
Please leave immediately after Mass without greeting other people.

There will be NO:

  • Singing

  • Offertory

  • Servers, readers, Eucharistic ministers

  • Sign of peace

  • Chalice

  • Toilet facilities

Please note the following:
We need volunteers to act as stewards (training and PPE provided)
There is NO obligation to attend.
The capacity at each Mass will be 60 (approximate as family and those in a social bubble may sit together)
Places at Mass will be very ad hoc as no seats can be reserved (sorry for any frustration this may cause)
It is recommended that to begin with you pick just one day a week to come, this doesn't have to be Sunday.

It will be trial and error to begin with so thank you for your humility and gentleness.... your patience and kindness.

Mass will continue to be broadcast each day on Facebook           page.

And on YouTube 

No other sacraments available until further notice.


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Download Archbishops letter on church reopening - uploaded 25th June 2020

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